Public Adminisrative Law

Though the ideology of a centrally planned state controlled economy might have collapsed with the fall of communism, the fate of the other extreme end of the dialectics i.e.

laissez-faire capitalism seems headed in the same direction as events in the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis seem to have suggested.

Today, state intervention is now regarded as necessary to protect the economy and preserve social cohesion. Intervention comes in different forms, ranging from new regulation, higher regulation, nationalization, rescue plans, stimulus packages, specific technical, administrative, environmental requirement, protectionism/liberalization etc.

We are able to deploy our expertise to assist regulators devise or construct new regulation or revise existing ones. We are equally equipped to help corporations, agencies, banks, local and foreign investors, national governments and local authorities tackle challenges posed by regulation and compliance. Our clients can always rely on our expertise whether the matter is contentious and non-contentious administrative proceedings. We are also able to explore cordial relationship with high net-worth officials/public decision makers to enable our clients achieve their strategies.


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