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Our practice avails our clients the benefits of our services and expertise, thereby allowing individuals, financial institutions, corporations and governments turn to us for help and support when faced with serious and complex challenges.
Our competitive edge lies in our strong commitment to clients’ needs and satisfaction.

We are able to structure our services to meet the peculiar needs and requirements of our clients, while operating in practice environments that have become standardized due to the effects of globalization; we ensure that adequate consideration is devoted to local circumstances and imperatives to avoid undue generalization.

We make sure we carry our clients along in devising appropriate solutions to their challenges as well as ensure that they are well informed to be able to follow what we do, how we do it and why we have embarked upon a particular cause of procedure.
Broadly, our services can be divided into three parts, although in practice these can be interwoven that the line of division becomes almost invisible. These are attorney services, client advisory and consultancy services

The role of financial regulation has once again returned to the centre stage in the wake of the turbulence caused by the recent global financial volatility. Regulations are becoming common-place, increasingly complex, with the attendant difficulty in implementation whilst public pressure on elected representatives exacerbates the propensity for enforcement.

Our investment management practice offers specialized technical advice and solutions covering full range of markets and investment products. High profile clients including leading investment and commercial banks, institutional investors and fund managers rely on our support and expertise in organizing and structuring complex funds and products.

Our sports and entertainment practice offers a comprehensive range of advisory and transactional services to practitioners and participants in the area of sports and entertainment particularly as it relates to sports governance, regulation of governing bodies,

Antitrust practice in Africa as in most developing jurisdictions is at its infancy. Our competition practice is focused on enhancing capacity building/specialized training of lawyers, business managers, financial institutions, corporations, regulatory agencies and public authorities on the values of antitrust.

Our experts of team of lawyers have been engaged in advising on corporate, individual and commercial matters as they relate to banks and financial institutions. From helping to arrange promotion and certification to more complex matters as advice and documentation

Our fully integrated tax practice provides our clients with innovative tax advisory and solutions. Individuals, corporations, partnership and major financial institutions rely on our expertise and experience in tax structuring and other transactional services.

Our corporate practices cover a whole range of services that take care of the needs of corporate organization from promotion to liquidation.From company promotion to formation, provision of nominee directors, secretary, preparation and filing of periodic statutory returns, asset disposal, take overs,

Our IP practice helps our clients to understand, appreciate, enjoy and defend their intellectual property rights. From private individual innovation to major corporation, businesses and institutions, our clients depend on our technical expertise to enjoy and enforce their intellectual property rights and maximize the commercial value of their intellectual property assets.

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