Securities Markets And Regulation

We hold a distinctive edge in providing expert advice and services on matters related to securities markets. Whether your interest is in the primary market,

secondary markets or derivatives like futures, option, swaps, share valuation, equity privatization or  commercialization, securities listing or delisting,over-the-counter transaction, hedge funds, mutual funds, cross border listings, public offers, private placements etc, we are able to help clients achieve their strategies of profit maximization.

With our wealth of experience in international best practices and standards, we are able to assist regulators stay ahead of their markets. Investors or regulators seeking redress within the purview of the Investments and Securities Act 2007 can rely upon our expert advice and support. We are able to pursue our clients’ strategies before the appropriate body e.g. the regular courts, the Investment and Securities Tribunal, or the administrative hearings of the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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