Energy And Natural Resources

Our energy and natural resources practice appreciates the scientific and engineering background of oil and gas law. We have been engaged and have advised on very significant and difficult transactions by investors, government agencies, corporations and regulatory bodies. We provide both advisory and transactional services in every aspect of oil and gas exploration, production and development including issues related to oil and gas conveyance, royalty and mineral interests, grants, assignment and subleases of interests, negotiations and packaging relating to concurrent, successive, and divided interests, arrangements relating to Assignment, Release and Surrender Provisions, grants and reservations, division and transfer orders, gas purchase contracts etc. We also help our clients in handling disputes arising from oil and gas transactions through mediation, arbitration or litigation.
As governments in developing jurisdictions begin to embrace the deregulation of the energy sector, we provide investors, corporation, financial institutions and regulatory agencies the support and expertise needed to meet the needs of the market in energy sufficiency. We arrange competitive deals in clean renewable energy, privatization and commercialization, alternative energy sources as well as review of existing regulatory frameworks or drafting of entirely new legislations.

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