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Information Technology, Media And Telecommunications

The world of IT, media and telecommunications is denominated by a single currency: information. Its production, management, distribution and consumption create a wide variety of complex and challenging legal consequences.

Technology continues to change; new regulations keep emerging as new markets are opening.

Competition for market share, territories and technology is on a fast face. To survive under this environment, markets operators such as   individuals, corporations, investors, regulatory agencies or financial institutions require legal experts with deep understanding of this ever-evolving field of business.

We provide practical solutions and services on information management, data protection, privacy, business secrecy, abuse of privilege, civil and criminal liability, sale, disposal, mergers and acquisitions, divestment, financing, restructuring, refinancing of IT, media and telecoms operations. Our investment advisory also extends to advisory services on regulatory regimes, control and compliance, operational and legal risks as well as resolution of disputes related to IT, media and telecoms matters either through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

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