Infrastrcture And Transports

Our team of experts and advisors possess the skill and experience required to help our clients achieve their strategies and ambition in the most difficult and challenging transactions. Whatever the nature of the infrastructure being developed, acquired, disposed, financed, refinanced or packaged, we are able to help our clients, investors, regulators, corporations and financial institutions meet their projections. Our services also cover infrastructure concessioning and securitization in major sectors of asset development such as water, rail, roads, airports, seaports, aircraft and cargo leases or finance etc. We also handle disputes related to the sector, particularly, shipping and admiralty including cases arising from salvage, collision at sea, charter parties, carriage of goods by sea, and advise on regulation of and compliance with regulatory regimes, bilateral air service agreements, international treaties and conventions such as the United Nation Convention on the Law of Sea 1982, UNCTAD, Carriage of Goods by Air Ordinance of 1958, the Hague Protocol etc, shipment and pre-shipment inspection.

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